Sunday, October 18, 2020

Whitening - the verdict...

So after a week of using this product daily, I'm not sure if I see a difference.  They may be just a smidge whiter??  Now granted I haven't used the light addition very diligently, some nights I just add the gel to my trays.

I've tried really hard to take a very similar picture from the same bathroom.  I'm moving on to a new tray tonight so will hold off any further whitening for now.  Let know in the comments if you spot a difference!



Friday, October 9, 2020

Tooth whitening!

 So I'm a bit of dork as you can probably tell from the blog.

Anyway, even the dork in me had to fully take in the set up for this whitening kit I bought from Costco.

Here's the box

Here is what the contraption looks like.  Nice soft rubber insert for where teeth go.  
It looks kind of like a spaceship.

I'm going to try to take pictures in the same bathroom to keep the light source the same in my photos.  I can't tell what colour my teeth currently are.  Somewhere in the middle?

Here is what this thing looks like in my mouth.  Once you put the gel in, the light is supposed to expedite the whitening.  They didn't provide too much scientific material to back that up.

The experience was a little offputting.  Previously I just put the gel in my trays and went around my business until it was time to rinse it out.  This time around, I had to keep this thing in my mouth the whole time, hoping it didn't come out if I sneezed.  I was drooling all over the place.  Next time I may try with my trays on.  I do like the softness of the material they used to make the mouthguard, just not convinced, it can keep the whitening gel on my teeth.

Will update on the whitening process in a few days after I've applied a few more times.

Thursday, October 8, 2020

UPDATED: Sick :(

 One thing I had forgotten about until I reread some of my old posts is how sick I used get.  Now I don't know if I can trace back the cause to Invisalign or not but it was bad.  I was sick with a cough for weeks at a time.  I didn't realize until afterward that some people have an allergic reaction to Invisalign.  I don't know if that was my issue or not.  Coincidentally, once I was pregnant and done with invisalign, I rarely got sick.  Happened at the same time so I can't separate one from the other.  Up until now... maybe?

Anyway, one month into Invislian I'm sick again.  I hope it's not COVID.  I did go get tested this morning after waiting close to an hour in multiple socially distanced lines so we'll see what happens when I get that back.  I wish I could pop in a lozenge right now but I can't.  At least I'm home and at first I thought I'd get a jumpstart on a teeth whitening series of blog of pictures but I'm tired and right now I just want to get into bed and nap.  And I'm done with work emails so there's nothing stopping me.  Nothing.


UPDATED October 9/2020: So I was pleasantly surprised just before dinner to a get a text re: my results - COVID negative.  Still have this head cold though.

Monday, October 5, 2020

Updated: Time for some gum care

 So I went in for that much anticipated trip to have my teeth cleaned and I had a pretty thorough scaling.  I was going to to start whitening my teeth tonight but as I looked at my gums I noticed a couple of spots where they have really receded and I can actually see between my teeth.  I've had gum disease previously and really worked to get my teeth and gums healthy over the years but maybe I had let things too far when I was younger and was without dental coverage.  I don't know if I just didn't notice the little gaps before,  or if it was due to the cleaning, the invisalign or what but I think I'm going to give my gums a bit of a break from the whitening chemicals.  At least for tonight.


Updated October 9/2020- after reading up on this, I guess the appearance of a bit recession is normal after a cleaning especially if the gums were inflamed before the cleaning.  They are looking back to normal now.  Will start whitening later tonight.  Can't believe it's Friday!

Sunday, October 4, 2020


 Going through my old blog posts I realized that in the couple of years after I finished my first invisalign journey, there were still lots of comments coming in.  While I really doubt that anyone reading my blog back then is still checking it out so many years later, I do want to want to send an apology out into the internet to those that I didn't respond to especially the people out there that were seeking advice (not so much the random dentists).  I usually like to be as helpful as I can especially when it comes to things I'm passionate about, like my teeth!

All I can say is shortly after I finished my last round, I realized I was pregnant (I won't share TMI but another long story) and went into high gear in terms of preparing for my first child.  I'm a slightly anxious person and that was a really big change in my life.  I love being a mom; I must have just gotten wrapped in my new mom life and wasn't keeping a close eye on comments for this blog - eventually I just kind of forgot about it in the post baby haze.

That's all I came here to say today. Have a super week!

Saturday, October 3, 2020

Tray 3U/2L (refinement 3) again

 One thing I realized as I was going through old posts is how much I appreciate having pictures of my progress especially in the very early stages of Invisalign.  It's a great reminder of how much work it was, especially seeing those clunky attachments!!

Anyhow, I know progress pictures aren't quite as exciting anymore at this stage but here they are.  I just switched to tray 3U last night and am still wearing 2L.  I don't feel anything when I change trays.  I thought I'd throw in a picture of how the trays look after multiple rounds of Polident and scrubbing.  I did have some reservations about wearing them again.  The most yellowed trays are my final ones which I had to wear for the longest time while waiting for my retainers.  Bottom right picture was taken with aligners in.  You can see my bite and midline are a bit off and my front tooth isn't quite flush with its neighbours yet.  Will see what they look like at the end.    

I feel like a bit of nerd but I'm looking forward to seeing my hygienist on Monday.  I'm honestly not sure what condition my teeth are in after not having seen my hygienist for so long during the shutdown. Hopefully my teeth and gums are doing ok. After I get my teeth cleaned, I'm going to use my trays for some home whitening using a kit that I got on sale at Costco!  Also I dropped by my dentist office for chewies on Friday so hopefully that will help too.  I wish I had asked for them earlier.  they are so expensive online!

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Initial progress - trays 1/2 (refinement 3) - again

Picture below taken on Sept 11 shortly after tray 1 (both upper and lower).  Getting the bottom tray in after all these years hurt so much.  Upper trays didn't hurt too much.  I should have taken a proper picture before I started  but this is as close to baseline as we will get.  This is probably a more flattering picture then what my teeth look like in reality.  Notice the not so straight midline.

The two pictures below were taken on Sept 20 after I swapped in tray 2 upper (kept on tray 1 lower).  A clearer photo then the above and really shows my snaggle tooth in all its glory.  Don't let the lighting up above fool you.  It's still hiding out in the back.

I swapped in tray 2 (bottom tray) this past weekend and it didn't hurt nearly as much as the first one.  

The reason why I'm spacing out changing my bottom trays is that I only have 6 of them and 9 upper.  Bottom will be interesting as I had to cut out part of my tray to accommodate a crown I had done since my first round of initial invisalign.  The tray just wouldn't fit and my retainer's broken so we will hsee how that works out.  I have noticed a bit of a between my teeth where my aligner ends so hopefully that won't cause any issues over time.